Heaven’s Fragrance in a Box

Royale Guinevere creates premium luxury wax melts that can fill any room with the refreshing scents you love. We have every imaginable scent to delight your senses.

Using wax melts in any room can instill a feeling of comfort and peace. Melting fragranced wax has the ability to relieve stress and lift the spirits on a bad day, or to induce feelings of calm when we need it.

Décor solutions and Wax warmer for every space

Wax melts are scented pieces of wax, much like a candle but without the wick. We have an unrivaled range of scents and fragrances.

Why Royale Guinevere

Our Home and Scent products feature premium materials, quality ingredients and enough variety to suit every home décor and fragrance taste. We pride ourselves on offering beautiful scent products that will enhance your home, and back each one with a range of warranties so our customers can purchase with confidence.

How To Clean Your RG Scented Luxury Wax Melts From Your Warmers For Re-Use