Our deluxe fragrance collection is made up of our top fragrance brands. This collection is favored by our premium customers.

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The ultimate Wax Melt for true scent connoisseurs; This luxurious scent is closed with base notes of saffron, pear, orange blossom and a hint of musk.

Black Opium


Our Black Opium Wax Melt scent is an addictive gourmand floral with notes of black coffee, white florals and vanilla for sweetness and sensuality.



Uhmmm I smell COFFEE!

Do you love the rich smell of dark coffee mixed in perfume and leather interior? Richie rich $$$, right?
Then you would fall head over heels for our Coffee Fragrance Melts, the strength of this fragrance last all day in any space…pure bliss!

Did you know that coffee is an odor neutralizer? Yes it eliminates smell and opens up the senses. Get yours today, ( not in our box sets)



Our Jasmine scent is identical to freshly picked Jasmine flowers. This fragrance is bursting with floral aroma, smells just like summer in bottle, heaven!



Peppermint essential oil Arvensis is steam distilled from the leaves of a perennial herb. The scent can be described as being minty, herbaceous and crisp. This fresh essential oil has relaxing and mood elevating properties widely used in aromatherapy.