Do you know that constant heating causes wear and tear to your favorite ceramic oil warmer or burner over time?
Yes, if you see spider-like lines running through one end of your warmer plate to the other end, it means it is time to replace your oil warmer. Nothing, like they often say, lasts forever.


Disadvantages of a Worn Warmers

Smoke: Continuous use implies that melted wax could slip through the cracks, thereby causing smoke when the wax touches the tealight candle underneath.

Messy: you would have dried wax inside and around your ceramic warmer caused by sipped wax. This look is not easy on the eyes. You would not want to mess up your perfect shelves or coffee table.

Unattractive: Porcelain ceramic warmer beside been used to burn your favorite wax fragrances; serves as space decoration accessories bringing beauty to your shelves and walls. So an old, worn, and cracked burner will contradict a perfectly decorated space.

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