My Scented Story

Here I am staring at my laptop screen and wondering what I want my first blog post to be before the end of 2019, and then it hit me like a Thunderbolt; why not tell the story of how I got here.

Being a mother of four, two step-children and two biological children; trying to balance work and family is the most chaotic job but the most gratifying if you could find a balance to it;  married for 4 years, I had to resign my day job – still not sure if quitting was the right thing at the time. We started shuttling countries trying to decide where to build a life, given my current family was based in the United Kingdom but had my 1st child in the United States and had a support system in Nigeria. So here I was with a bag of uncertainties with no direct revenue, four youngsters plus a traveling husband – this was a big transition from being a pretty, individualistic, working-class woman.

Just before the birth of my daughter, I was approached by a former co-worker, who was trying to set up a small business; I had just left the banking industry, so this was a great opportunity.

But after three years, we fell apart. So there I was back again to my uncertainties and back to my activity-packed life of attending to home life. There were days I would stay off the rave of social media so as not to resent my modest world, which on the contrary, was perfect!, but I wanted to work again.

So by December 2018, I began to ponder, how I could get from where I was, (being a stay home mom), to where I knew I wanted to be, (having an income);

What do I have a passion for;
What can I do if I had all the resources to do so and
What can I do effortlessly for profit/ just pleasure?
Checking around me – then it hit me! – Scents.

Growing up, I always had the nose of a mole – I could pick up scents foul and decent. I loved fragrances. But in my father’s house, I couldn’t be caught wearing perfume or even body spray. My father would say it was for people who were too lazy to have a good scrub, or you could always know when a particular person was around because of the smell they left behind. That didn’t deter my love for scents; even if I couldn’t wear perfume boldly I was particular about my space;

To retain the fragrance in my bedroom, I would clean up my bedroom, mob the floor tiles with perfumed cleaning-agents, spray aerosol on my covers, wash with scented detergents and fabric softeners with strong scents, it was an obsession.

Then, I started dating and realized how strong this obsession for scents got because that was how I fell head-over-heels for the man of my dreams and my darling husband.

Between my love for body sprays or perfumes, I decided on improving my passion for room scents from finding out the best ways to scent a room to long-lasting scents for homes.

So I started experimenting, from mixing baking soda and fabric softeners to putting liquid air fresheners in cotton balls and placing all over the house to putting scented granules at the corners of the house to potpourri to burning candles, etc. I continually tried to control the way my home smelled and how to keep that freshness all day.  I tried it all but still wasn’t content with the results. I started shopping, my husband helped fuel my quest, and he would get me home fragrances from anywhere, most were too expensive to keep up with regular purchasing. Then I stumbled on the DIY home fragrances and techniques, which are environmentally friendly and safe with health benefits – the power of SOY WAX.

At Royale Guinevere, we have decided to create a way of blending our favorite home fragrance oils with soy wax; we mold our soy wax into different cute shapes and colors without wicks, as do SOY CANDLES; called Melts. We also found long-lasting fragrance for any desired spaces and ways to keep them smelling good.


Introducing – SOY WAX

Soy wax is a vegetable wax originates from soybean oil.  Soybeans are collected, cleaned, dehulled, cracked, and rolled into flecks.

Benefits of Soy wax

  1. Soy wax is a natural and renewable resource.
  2. Soy wax is biodegradable and cleans up with soap and water.
  3. Soy wax has a lower melting point than paraffin wax, causing it to burn slower or longer than paraffin.
  4. Soy wax burns with zero Petro soot, creating Petro soot free candles.


RG will be bringing more on our different products and how to use them.


Thank you for taking out time to read my first blog!!!

4 thoughts on “My Scented Story

  1. Benny says:

    Soy wax candles are the best. The ones from Royal Guinevere are amazing! Try the mixed bag if you’re like me that loves a potpourri of fragrances. The fragrance lingers for long after melting. I strongly recommend it for a sweet scenting room.

    1. ceoroyale says:

      Thank you so much, we are glad our products met your expectations

  2. ad-idem says:

    I came across these products when i was fed up with bottles of diffusers. The fragrances relaxes my nerves after work and at work keeps me concentrating.

    1. ceoroyale says:

      We are so humbled by this feedback, thank you so much.

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