How to Balance Work Life and Family

Let us divert from melting wax and all (lol)

This topic is very dear to my heart, so I thought to share it here today.

Before I got married, I told myself when I start having children; I would love to be involved in their daily growth and development though I planned to work but then at my convenience. When I started my soy wax business, my youngest child was 14 months old: I knew I wanted to continue work, but it was a struggle.

Worklife:- My typical day at work required me to have and manage my business social media accounts (Instagram and Facebook) and building them to market my products; I handled the procurement of all materials and also production processes and delivery to customers; I was a one-woman supply chain.

Family:- Besides my husband and myself, my family includes 2teenage boys and 2toddlers; the house alone was as chaotic as a playground with toys everywhere among the little ones to fights among the older kids. Because most of my research and planning is done from home, it was mental torture. I did not have a live-in nanny at the time.

The Struggle:- I had read and watched so many motivational materials about balancing work and family life, about time management, not allowing one to be affected by the other. I was conscious of this fact just the same; there were times when one area pulled me away from my duties because I was building a business from scratch; my family life tended to suffer more.

I had a heart to heart with my husband; He understood my situation; He did not only understand my situation; he assumed several roles to help me succeed at my dream. He helped with the children during the weekend; to allow me to rest and also helped out with marketing my products; to his network of friends and colleagues. I began to enjoy working and spending time with my family all at the same time until I had grown the business to the point of expansion; to hire more hands.

In conclusion, the success for how to balance work-life and family is to have a supportive spouse.
Because no matter how many books on time management you can consume, nothing replaces the support of a loved one: especially one that believes in your dreams.

(I dedicate this blog post to my darling Husband, Lanre Williams; you are my rock. Thank you for believing in and supporting this dream)

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